mover un pianoThe piano is one of the musical instruments par excellence thanks to its incredible notes and the soft melody born from its strings, however, moving it from one place to another can be complicated due to its weight and size. Fortunately, there are companies that offer a professional service so that this noble instrument can reach its final destination safe and sound.

What does it take to move a piano?

Before answering this question, it is important to mention that there are several types of piano, and therefore their transport and handling will differ a little from each other, in this respect we can say that there are grand pianos, upright pianos and digital pianos, each of them have their own characteristics that we must consider when moving them. In general terms, to move a piano we will need the following equipment and materials:

  • Carrying straps.
  • Trolley or transport trolley.
  • Fixing or tying straps.
  • Tilting system for grand pianos.
  • Wheel support.
  • Lifting jack.
  • Fixing brackets.
  • Protective cover.

How to move a grand piano?

Grand pianos are much more voluminous than upright pianos, and therefore we must take the appropriate measures to transport it safely. In this sense, the first thing we must do is to check that the instrument is working properly before moving it, then we must proceed to remove the piano’s large lid by unscrewing the screws that hold it to the hinges. Next, secure the lid by wrapping it in a protective blanket, sheets or bubble wrap, making sure to identify and save the screws for when you need to reinstall it. Next, remove the lyre located just below the piano keys, label the screws and put them away. Next, carefully remove the legs of the instrument using a stand. Finally, wrap the piano in padded blankets and fasten them securely with ropes or straps. Once all the parts of the piano have been covered and protected, it is time to transport them to the moving truck, which can be done with the help of a wheelbarrow or trolley. Finally, remember to place some protective blankets on the floor of the van and secure the piano with straps to increase the level of safety.

How to move an upright piano?

Upright pianos are a little smaller than grand pianos, but they are still bulky and delicate. For this reason, when transporting them, we must take the appropriate safety measures to ensure a successful move. In this sense, the first step to move an upright piano is to cover the keyboard with the lid and then secure it so that it does not open during transport. Next, wrap the entire instrument in a padded blanket and tie it down with string, tape or straps. After this, place the piano on a dolly or trolley so that you can easily move it to the moving truck. Finally, lift it onto the mobile unit using a ramp, hydraulic jack or hoist and secure it with ropes so it won’t move in transit.

Use professional experts to move your piano

Whatever type of piano you have, remember that these instruments are delicate, heavy and above all expensive. For this reason, when moving them, it is advisable to use the services of professional experts to ensure that they arrive at their destination completely safe. If you are thinking of moving your piano, contact Mudanzas Lidon, one of the best companies in the industry specialised in transporting pianos and any valuable object, call us and we will gladly help you.

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