Excellent price, discounts and promotions on packing materials and store furniture. Ask us or visit our special offers section.


Our removals are insured to the real value of your merchandise, by national insurers companies.


Removals and store furniture. Lidon has professional staff who can dismantle your furniture. We also help you to assemble your furniture them in your new home even if it includes attaching it to the walls or ceiling. Our staff are specialised in fragile packaging.

If you want, we will install all your electric equipment and curtains at your destination.


The guarantee and confidence of Moving and Storage, Lidon has more than 30 years of experience. We are guarantee professionalism and seriousness as a company. This is confirmed by an extensive collection of customers over the years.


We have the best furniture elevators. Of the brand Paus facade, that can displace a volume of 30m3 furniture in 2 hours, and support a weight up to 400 kilos up to the 12:th floor or 36 meters of height. Visit our elevator section.


We have a 10,000 m3 of storage in individual rooms of different sizes adapted to any need of our customers, all with locks, fire and humidity detectors. Everything behind one advanced security systems with alarms connected to security companies 24 hours. We advise the clients before hiring a furniture storage service to visit the facilities where we will store your belongings to avoid any surprises. Visit our furniture storage section.


Removals and furniture repository. Lidon has the most modern logistics and fleet for transportation to cover any needs and volume demanded by customers.

Everything from a washing machine to lose furniture in any kind of volumes. Visit our fleet section.


From the packing to the removal with all security guarantees, until elaboration boxes and any other protections for your art and sculptures. Visit our special transport section.

Movements in Palma of Mallorca, National and International. We even cover Latin America and the US.

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