trasterosThroughout life, people tend to accumulate objects of various categories, and usually end up piled up somewhere in the house for a long time, fortunately, there are companies that provide storage services in warehouses or facilities adapted for this purpose, called in some cases, “Trasteros”. In this context, the name of these facilities may change from one country to another, however, the use given to them is basically the same, to store, keep or house furniture, personal items, work equipment, electronic devices, furniture of different kinds, clothes, among many other things. Thus, the reasons for using storage rooms are very broad and can vary depending on the needs of each person, for this reason, below we will mention the main reasons why people use storage rooms or storage rooms.

1) Excess items in the home The main reason for using a storage unit is the excess or accumulation of items in the home. In this regard, the American newspaper Los Angeles Time states that a house in the United States can contain an average of 300,000 different objects.

Another interesting fact is provided by the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), which says that American children own almost 40% of all toys sold in the world. When we see these numbers, we are astonished and we understand why in this country there is a proliferation of businesses for the storage of objects.

2) Preparing for the move Another common reason for using warehouses is related to the moving process, in this sense, some people prefer to go sorting, packing and storing their belongings little by little in this type of storage, this way when the time comes to transport them it will be easier to do so.

3) Remodeling a home Remodeling a home brings disorder and a bit of chaos, especially when it involves civil or masonry work, so many people choose to clear out spaces to reduce clutter and allow workers to do their work more easily.

4) Store materials or equipment for a business It is becoming increasingly common to find people who choose to store different materials, items or equipment for their business in this type of storage, especially as most storage rooms offer an excellent service and have 24 hour surveillance, security equipment and insurance policies.

5) Studying Most students sleep in residential or rented spaces, and when they enter the holiday season it is very common for them to choose to store their belongings in storage rooms, as they feel it is a safer place to do so.

6) Storing seasonal items Another very common reason for using a storage room is related to the storage of seasonal items, such as Christmas or Halloween decorations, as these are used once a year and then put away again.

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