A moving budget should be clear and relate on all the concepts necessary to avoid last minute surprises and ensure the best service.

Before signing it, we can have some initiatives to make the spending smaller in the move. For example, sort and classify the goods to be transported. That way, the operators will work faster. It will only take the objects and then take them to the truck.

You can also pack some of what we need to transport, such as books, small objects or clothes. This will cause the packaging not to be included in the budget.

It is worth comparing several budgets of moving companies of trust to see the differences between them in the value for money.

Your Move should have a clear budget

Once an agreement has been established with a company for the move, the budget they offer you should clearly show some concepts.

  1. First, the name and business name of the company with the necessary identification, contact and billing data. This avoids the intrusion and guarantees the professionalism of the move.
  2. Clearly state the date and place of loading and unloading of the move. This is very important.
  3. If their are any special services: packing in boxes, assembly and dismantling of furniture and if that entails some type of supplement. It should also be noted that heavy objects, such as pianos, will be placed in the right place (for example, on a second floor).
  4. The form of payment and guarantees, the insurance and what types of incidents the possible indemnity has to be fixed. A legal contract also cites dispute resolution procedures in case of disagreement.

Lidon Removal and Storage in Mallorca assure guarantee and professionalism in your moving, with a detail budget.

We provide everything what is necessary.

Lidon Removal and Storage in Palma de Mallorca (Baleares) with correspondents throughout Spain and the rest of Europe, will always offer you clear and concise quotes