TrasterosSurely you have heard the word “Storage room” and did not know exactly what they meant, well, in the next post we will talk a little more about storage rooms, the different types, their uses, what is the difference between a furniture repository and where to find a service of this type with excellent quality.

What is a Storage room?

The word “storage room” comes from the word “fret”, meaning old or unused objects found in the home, which are generally not used. Thus, a storage room is basically a place where the dishes are deposited or kept.

What are the types of storage rooms?

The storage rooms can be obtained inside a house, basically, they are spaces that the person has dedicated to keeping his frets, old objects or articles without use, nevertheless, in this post we want to emphasize the service of professional storage, that is to say, one of those companies that are dedicated to reserve and to rent places of different sizes so that the people keep their objects.

In this sense, the storage rooms differ from each other by their size, and therefore, the companies offer them with dimensions that go from a few square meters to huge rooms with a great storage capacity.

Why Use a Service Provider?

A storage service is very useful when we are thinking of moving, when we want to reform our home, to make more space in the house or when we are thinking of leaving the city for a certain time, at the same time, these places are valuable for students or people who do not have enough space in their place of residence.

What is the difference between a storage room and a furniture repository?

As we have already mentioned, a storage room is a place that is used to store small objects or also called “frets”, while a furniture repository has been designed to house large furniture, this means that the fundamental difference between the two is basically the storage capacity of each of these spaces.

Another difference can be seen in the way of charging, and this is because generally in a storage unit you pay for a specific private space, that is, the larger the space, the greater the charge, on the other hand, in a furniture repository the objects are placed packed on wooden pallets next to other people’s belongings, and for this reason, some companies charge each time the owner needs to access these.

The Best Storage Service

When it comes to storage services there are many options, however, there is one in particular that stands out for its excellent quality, in this case we talk about “Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Lidon“.

This is a company specialized in removals and storage rental with the highest quality standards on the island of Mallorca, Spain. Within its facilities it has more than 10 thousand M3 of storage available to keep your objects with total security, offering you also transport, packing, and insurance services, with different plans that adapt to your needs.

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