We have a wide variety of high-quality packaging materials that will protect all your things protected in the removal or for the storage.

Lidon Removals & Storage - protection of the furniture and fragile elements

Lidon Removals & Storage uses the best products of protection of the furniture and fragile elements for the packing.If you want to move or have any furniture Storage, Lidon Removals & Storage will take care of everything.

We do the packaging of all your things, from the plates, paintings and fragile elements.We have a wide range of packaging products to guarantee an excellent service.

Our wide range of products includes Bubble plastic, paper, boxes for books and tableware, extensible film, boxes for clothes, closets with hangers, corner frames, mirrors and corner tables, special boxes for lamps, blankets and insulation.

In Lidon Removals & Storage we offer, at the request from our clients, manufacture of wooden boxes made to measure for special transport, e.g. for art and sculptures, etc. See our Special Transportation section. If you decide to make the packaging by yourself, we will supply all the packing material you need.

Delivered to your home without costs in Palma.We advise our customers that the fragile items are packed by the company that performs its service, so as not lose the insurance of the corresponding merchandise.

Removal companies do not take care of breakages if the protection of the fragile elements is not carried out by the professional staff of the company and.

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