When we talk about the moving process, we do not only refer to the transport of small and everyday objects, but also to a wide segment dedicated to the moving of heavy objects and works of art, which due to their condition and quality, become pieces that need special treatment during their handling.

Heavy Object and Works of Art Packaging

The packaging is an essential part of any move, as it ensures that the object arrives safely at its destination. In this respect, when what is being transported is a very heavy piece or a delicate work of art, additional measures must be taken to protect it.

For this type of object, there must be previous planning that allows the optimization of all the processes to carry out, since it is not the same to transport a painting, a sculpture, or a piano, each one of them will need a special treatment for its suitable mobilization.

In general, for the packaging of paintings, special papers are used that cover the painting, as well as foam rubber that prevents the movement of the piece inside the boxes. On the other hand, if what is to be transported is a large sculpture, resistant wooden boxes, built to measure, are used to provide safe support when they are moved.

When large and heavy furniture is involved, the paper is used along with plastic with air bubbles to protect it from possible knocks and scratches. In addition to special equipment such as loaders, trucks and even helicopters.

Recommendations for Moving Heavy Objects and Works of Art

If you are planning to move heavy objects or works of art you should take into account a series of recommendations that will make this task easier. First of all, it is important that you plan in advance all the activities that are involved in this process.

On the other hand, you should make sure you pack these objects in the best possible way, as they are uncommon pieces that have different characteristics from everyday products.

It is also very important to have several people who can help during the handling and transfer, in addition to having specialized equipment such as lifts or freight elevators.

Finally, it is recommended that this type of work is carried out by a removal company that guarantees the safe transportation of these objects. As they generally have the necessary personnel and equipment to carry out this activity.

Obras de Arte y Objetos Pesados

Your Artwork and Heavy Objects in the Best Hands

As we have already mentioned, the removal of this type of object must be carried out by professional hands, that is why we recommend you companies of great prestige in the sector, such as Lidon Removals and Storage.

This company offers its clients the best team specialized in packing, handling, and transporting heavy objects, as well as works of art with great cultural value.

Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Lidon, are specialists in the manufacture of wooden boxes to measure so that the transport of the object is carried out comfortably. In addition, we have air transport by helicopter for those cases, where a more expeditious delivery is required or access to the area is restricted.

For all this and much more, we can assure you that Lidon Removals and Storage are the experts in special transportation; so don’t hesitate to contact them to plan, together with their great team, your next move.

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