Mudanza de OficinaIn the business world, office move are very common, as companies generally tend to grow and adapt to the new realities imposed by the market. In this sense, it is very important to carry out exhaustive and adequate planning of each and every one of the processes involved in this type of activity.

On the other hand, it is very common to observe how some organizations tend to delay moving their offices, as this generates uncertainty, disorganization, and the momentary cessation of their daily activities. For this reason, it is advisable to have the professional services of a company with a track record in this type of work, so that it can provide us with the appropriate support throughout the entire removal process.

What should I consider at the time of my office move?

When the time comes to offices move, it is very important to carry out the move in the best possible way, which means minimizing the interruptions that this type of activity causes, trying to cover all aspects of the move, organization, and planning as smoothly as possible, always taking into consideration the particularities of each stage of the move.

One of the main aspects to consider when office move is the budget available for doing so. In this sense, it is obvious to ask ourselves the question of how much this will cost, as moving all the furniture and equipment that form part of an office entails considerable costs, not only in terms of packing and moving but also in terms of including all the activities that are necessary to install this equipment, such as access to the Internet, the installation of an internal network for the organization, the adequate division of individual or group workspace, as well as adequate access to sanitary, ventilation, refrigeration and lighting facilities.

Once we know how much it will cost to move the office, the next step will be to carry out adequate planning of each and every one of the activities involved in this process. In this aspect, communication is key, not only with the company’s personnel but with all the clients, suppliers, banks, insurance companies, and service providers that make up the active life of the organization.

On the other hand, when we decide to move the office, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves what to do with the old furniture and equipment, and in this sense, it is convenient to make an inventory with the characteristics, time of use and current conditions of these assets, in order to make the decision to change them or not for new ones, and thus take advantage of the opportunity to replace them without having to affect the operation of the company later on.

How to Perform an Office Move?

As we have already mentioned, in order for office move, we must consider multiple technical, logistic, organizational, and budgetary aspects, so that the move takes place in the best possible way. However, when carrying out the move, we have two options: the first is to do it ourselves, and the second is to hire a company that specializes in removals.

Under this scenario, to ensure the move is carried out in the best possible way, the best option is to contact a professional company in the sector that specializes in this type of activity. In this sense, at Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Lidon, we have many years of experience in the world of packing, storage, and removals, both national and international.

At Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Lidon, we are leaders in the fast and efficient transfer of any type of office, nationally or internationally. With more than three decades in the market, we have hundreds of totally satisfied clients, who have trusted our vast experience in the organization, planning, and execution of office removals.

For this reason, do not hesitate to contact us through our phones, website or social networks, which will gladly assist you to clarify all your doubts and help you to successfully materialize the move of your office.

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