Traslado un piano

It’s time to move and you have almost everything solved except the transfer of your piano. What should you do? The truth is that moving such a delicate and expensive instrument is a task that requires a great deal of effort and care. Because, if it is not carried out properly, it could end up in a disaster. This is why it is necessary to hire experienced professionals to carry out the move.

Pianos weigh hundreds of kilos, upright pianos can weigh up to 200 kilos, while grand pianos can weigh over 500 kilos. Moving them requires a whole team of people who know how to move such a fragile instrument.

Moving a piano

Many owners with large instruments have tried to move their instruments themselves, and this has cost them everything from the simple act of breaking one of their legs, to irreversible damage to their internal components.

The question everyone is asking is: How should pianos be moved so that they do not suffer any damage? The first thing is to hire an experienced team to move and transport large instruments, and the second is to have a sheet that covers the instrument completely to prevent it from being scratched or knocked over.

When moving a large, upright instrument, a platform called a “piano board” is usually used, and the instrument must be well tied down. Then, it is transported to its destination with a cart.

On the other hand, moving a grand piano is a more complex task. To do it, it is necessary to remove the lid, the lid hinges, the pedals, and the front leg. After the instrument is put on the “piano board” with the top down. Then the rest of the legs are removed from the instrument, as well as covered with the sheets and tied up to transport it to the cart.

Sometimes when a large instrument cannot be moved by stairs. Experts choose to carefully lift it with a crane to the corresponding floor and enter it through a sufficiently wide window.

Choosing a piano transport company

Finding a transportation company that has the necessary machinery to carry out the removal of large instruments is quite tedious, and even more so if it is from Palma de Mallorca and the Spanish mainland to the national territory.

In order to choose the right people to move, you must ensure they have the right ramps, cranes, anchors and even the right trailers for the job, and you must also ask how they work and how they will carry out the move

In Mudanzas Lidon we have specialized in the transport of all types of pianos and delicate items, our team is prepared with specialists to move fragile objects, avoiding them to suffer any damage on the way. Translated with (free version)

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