The piano is a magnificent and delicate musical instrument that must be moved with great care as it could be damaged during transportation, for this reason, below we will explain everything you need to know to move a piano safely.

To carry out this type of work it is advisable to hire a specialised company, however, you can also do it yourself by complying with all the necessary measures for this purpose.

Get help

If you have decided to move the piano on your own, without using the services of professionals, it is important that you ask a family member or friend to help you, as pianos are quite heavy, bulky, fragile and uncomfortable to transport. Make sure you have extra hands to make the task easier.

Use appropriate equipment

To move a piano safely, you must have the appropriate equipment at hand, by this we mean strong ropes or straps that allow you to have a good grip on the piano, either for moving it or securing it inside the moving truck. In addition to this, you will need to locate a dolly with wheels to support the weight of the instrument.

It is also important to use sheets, blankets or some other padded item to cover the piano, as it is possible that it may trip, get knocks and scratches during transportation.

On the other hand, if you are not sure what type of dolly to use, you can contact a removal company who will surely be able to provide you with this information, and may even be able to help you with the rental of the necessary tools.

Secure the keyboard

The keyboard of a piano is a delicate area that must be treated with care, so close and lock the keyboard lid to prevent it from opening during movement and to protect it. However, if the lid of your piano does not allow it to be locked, do not try to tape it down, as this may damage the surface of the lid.

Cover the piano completely

After securing the keyboard cover, use padded blankets to wrap the piano completely around the piano, making sure that the corners are well covered, then use duct tape to secure the blankets.

Lift the piano

After covering and protecting the piano, it is time to lift it, at this point it is important not to lift it by the legs, as the union of these with the rest of the instrument may break. It is also advisable to keep the piano upright, as its mechanics are quite complex and can be damaged by placing it in another position.

To lift the piano, you should ask for help from a relative or friend, as this instrument is very heavy. At this point, it is preferable that at least four people do it, so that they will have more strength and balance to transport the instrument.
Putting the piano on the moving truck

Generally, the piano is one of the first things to be loaded onto the moving lorry, and when this is done, all measures are taken to ensure that it does not move or wobble during the transfer to its new destination, for this purpose, ropes or straps are used and it is firmly attached to the walls of the lorry.

On the other hand, a manual or electric forklift must be used to lift the piano into the lorry. This should not be a problem, since most of the times moving companies have the necessary equipment to lift heavy loads.

Check the piano’s new location

Before transporting your piano to the new destination, it is necessary to check the place where it will rest. If it is going to be against a wall, it is important that it does not get direct sunlight as this could damage the surface of the instrument. It is also important to check the entrances and the places where the piano will pass through, to make sure that it can pass without any inconvenience.

Install and tune your piano

Like many instruments, the piano can easily go out of tune if it is subjected to continuous movement, so once you have installed it in its new location, you should hire the services of a professional tuner to restore its melodious and characteristic sound.