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When moving house, it is very important that we take into consideration a series of elements that allow us to maintain the integrity of our objects and the success of the operation. In this respect, it is vital to have an insurance policy that will cover us in the event of any eventuality during the moving of our belongings.

On the other hand, removal companies are obliged by law to offer a certain level of liability against certain damages caused to the objects being transported, this is called “valuation cover”.

While it is true that this system provides protection in certain situations, some events are not covered under this legal figure, such as natural disasters, improper packing of hazardous materials, failure to inform the company about an object of extraordinary value, among others.

For this reason, special insurance policies have been created where a much higher level of liability is established, offering clients a considerably higher degree of protection against any type of mishap that may occur during the moving process.

What is Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance is a contract established between a specialised company and a natural or legal person to protect or safeguard the value of the different objects transported during a move. In this type of contract, two figures are created, the insurer, represented by the insurance company, and the policyholder, who is the owner of the insurance policy.

In this sense, removal insurance is created with the aim of covering any type of risk or damage that may occur to the objects transported. In this way, by obtaining insurance, we will be able to take legal action to recover the lost value of our belongings when an eventuality occurs.

How Many Types of Moving Insurance Are There?

When we carry out a removal, we can take out various types of insurance, such as transport insurance, civil liability insurance or specific insurance. In some cases, home insurance policies include a section dedicated exclusively to the protection of objects when the removal is carried out.

  • Transport insurance: This type of insurance is the most common and generally covers damage to objects during their transfer to the new destination.
  • Liability insurance: This insurance focuses on protecting the incidents that occur when moving objects from the point of origin to the removal truck. In other words, it does not cover the belongings, but rather the damage to third parties caused by the removal.
  • Specific insurance: This type of insurance provides coverage for objects according to their real market value and is generally used to safeguard valuable belongings.

Why is it Important to Have Moving Insurance?

Unforeseen events occur at the least expected time, and a move is no exception, for this reason it is important to have insurance that has the capacity to respond in the event of any eventuality. By being insured, we take a weight off our shoulders and we will have peace of mind, as the insurance company will be responsible when any mishap occurs that endangers the value of our goods.

For this reason, if you are thinking of moving, do not hesitate to take out an insurance policy with a solid and experienced company, and make sure you select the one that offers the best coverage for your belongings.

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