GuardamueblesIf you are in the process of moving, remodeling your home, or simply need more space in your home or office, a furniture storage service is an excellent, comfortable, reliable, and safe option to consider. But did you know what a furniture repository is? If not, continue reading this post, as we will tell you a little more about some of its characteristics.

What is Furniture Storage?

As its name suggests, it is basically a space dedicated to the safe storage of furniture. This service is generally offered by removal companies, such as “Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Lidon”, an organisation with solid experience in the field, which guarantees all its users the correct protection of their precious goods.

Furniture storage facilities are not simply spaces where objects are stored. In general terms, they must meet certain criteria, in terms of safety and capacity, in order to be considered as such. In this sense, a furniture repository must be of a good size, as it will be occupied by large furniture and not by small objects.

What should a furniture repository have?

Furniture repositories should be clean, orderly, and safe places where different objects can be stored, such as home furniture, electronic equipment, office furniture, large tools, among other things.

In general, objects are stored in an orderly manner, in independent modules, and with their respective identification, so that it is much easier to locate them and later transfer them to their destination.

Another of the characteristics of the furniture repositories is that they are safe spaces, with 24-hour surveillance systems, so that the user can feel at ease. Furthermore, many of them offer a safety system in the event of a mishap.

At “Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Lidon” we have top quality, clean, comfortable, and 100% secure facilities so that the client does not have to worry about anything. Our large storage capacity allows us to keep any type of object in good condition. We also have qualified personnel to attend to you in the best possible way.

How much does a furniture repository cost and how long can it be used?

The cost of a furniture storage service will depend mainly on the size of the place and the time it will be used, for this reason, companies calculate their rates according to the cubic meters of space occupied, so the larger the object, the higher the rate to be charged.

On the other hand, the time allowed to use a furniture repository is practically unlimited, as long as the monthly rental payments are being met, the user will be able to enjoy the service without any inconvenience.

At this point, it is important to point out that, unlike storage rooms, where clients can access their belongings at any time, there is a set timetable for its use in a furniture repository. In fact, many companies require their users to send a prior notification in order to gain access.

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