An essential part of any removal process is the correct packing of each of the objects to be moved. In this sense, there are different techniques, elements and materials that have been developed to guarantee the adequate protection of the belongings.

In this context, it is essential to select the right packaging material, and thus provide safety and comfort to the different objects during their transportation. It is important to remember that both the way of packing and the materials used will become an effective protective barrier against knocks and mistreatment.

What characteristics should packaging materials have?

There are various packaging materials available on the market, including cardboard, wood, plastic and even metal, but each of them must comply with certain characteristics that make them suitable for use during a move.

In this sense, packaging materials must be resistant, as they will be subjected to rough treatment during handling, on the other hand, they must provide a degree of protection that will depend on the level of fragility of the object to be packed, and finally, they must be adaptable, i.e. they must be able to be adapted to the size of the items to be transported.

What are the functions of packaging materials?

Packaging material must fulfil several functions, including the following:

  • Protection: this material must be able to provide a good level of overall protection for each of the objects.
  • Identification: Packaging materials must be able to provide information on the specifics of each item, as well as how it can be moved.
  • Handling: this function is essential as it ensures the distribution and transport of objects.

What are the best packing materials for a move?

As already mentioned, there is a wide variety of materials that can be used to pack different objects during a move. The most common and usual ones are cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, wooden boxes and foam rubber, apart from this, you will also need tape, cutter, markers, scissors and gloves to protect your hands.

  • Cardboard boxes: this material is one of the most commonly used for packaging thanks to its resistance, practicality and price. Cardboard boxes are very useful as they adapt to different shapes and sizes, and they are also an excellent way to advertise a moving company.
  • Bubble wrap: this type of material can be used to package fragile objects. It has the advantage that it can be cut to the size you need so as not to waste it, speeding up the task when it comes to protecting valuables.
  • Wooden boxes: Wooden boxes are generally used to protect heavy and valuable objects, such as paintings, sculptures, furniture and other objects.
  • Foam rubber: Foam rubber is often used to cushion a surface, or as a filling material, to increase the level of protection of objects inside a box.
  • Wrapping paper: this is a thick, strong, brown paper used to wrap objects, either for storage in a box or for individual transport.

Packing materials in Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Lidon

In Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Lidon, we have more than 35 years of experience offering the best packing service for removals in Mallorca. We use top quality materials, which guarantee the adequate protection of all your belongings during a removal. For this reason, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you and offer you an exclusive, personalised service, adjusted to your needs and budget.

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