mudanzaWhen you decide to move, packing becomes one of the most stressful aspects, especially if your house is full of items everywhere, for this reason, in the following article we will give you some tips for your move to be done in an organised and stress-free way.

What should we consider when packing?

The packaging process is fundamental to guarantee the integrity of objects that are moved from one place to another, offering protection and security so that they do not suffer damage during movement. In general terms, packing is characterised by an implicit organisational and planning nature that is inherent to this process.

This means that order and classification must be present when packing, whether the objects are small or large. If we do this, we will be able to keep track of our belongings during the transport and unpacking process at the new destination.

Tips for packing a move

Here are some easy-to-follow guidelines to make your packing process as simple and effective as possible:

To begin with, we must find all the necessary materials to proceed with the packing, such as cardboard boxes of different sizes, packing tape, wooden slats, bubble wrap, newspaper, stuffing material, foam rubber, sheets, a notebook, plastic tape and a pen.

Before packing, it is important to group the objects according to their characteristics, starting with the largest and heaviest items and ending with the lightest and most delicate ones.

Pack fragile or delicate objects with extra protection and place them in separate, identified boxes. In this sense, it is important that you properly identify all the boxes you use to store your items, this way it will be much easier for you to find and unpack them.

In addition to identifying the boxes, you can make a list of the number of boxes and the contents of each one, this will help you to have a better control of your belongings.

Try to pack your things in a previously defined order and in stages, that is, you can start, for example, with the objects from your bedroom, then the living room, the dining room, and so on.

When you are packing, it is advisable not to fill or oversaturate the boxes, this way they will weigh less and the objects inside them will be more protected from banging against each other.

Finally, put together a box in which you can place some essential items that you use very often, or that you may need for your move, such as cleaning and personal hygiene items, medicines and some tools.

Additional advice

  • Buy good quality packaging products.
  • Wrap all delicate objects in bubble wrap.
    Clear the area where you will be working.
  • Find a wheelbarrow to move heavy items.
    Take an inventory of all items inside the house.
  • Identify all boxes with a number, their contents and the address where they will go, e.g. “Box No. 2, Main Room – Clothes”.
  • Try not to combine objects from different areas of the house.
  • Place valuable items separately, e.g. jewellery.
  • Defrost the refrigerator one day before the move.
  • Clean and degrease kitchen appliances.
  • Pack liquid and flammable products separately.
  • Place products that need refrigeration in ice chests.
  • Roll up carpets and rugs and secure them with string.
  • Protect furniture with bubble wrap or a blanket.
  • Wrap televisions, computers and electronics.
  • Fold clothes, towels or linens and place them in boxes.
  • Protect artwork and identify it.

In conclusion

As we have been able to appreciate, the packing process is methodical and has a lot of common sense, that is, we must classify the objects, maintain a strict order and protect as much as possible our belongings, in this way we guarantee that they arrive intact to their new home.

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